About Us

For more than 20 years, ACI's master researchers and wordsmiths have been helping authors achieve their full potential, through the medium of well-written, content-rich books that represent a perfect fit with who they are, what they do and what they want to accomplish.

Headquartered in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, ACI serves an international clientele of successful professionals in a broad range of fields. Quality work and exceptional customer service have generated an ever-growing number of satisfied clients, who regard ACI as their "secret weapon," enabling them to achieve the kind of extraordinary results that most others only dream of.

The service is directed by founder Daniel Berman, Ph.D. A Harvard graduate and a published author himself, Dan is one of the few individuals to have taught at the college level in several different subject areas. Friendly, caring and results-oriented, he is listed in various editions of the official Marquis Who's Who in the World as an author, educator and consultant.

Fifteen years ago, Dan was joined by Hunter X. Thompson, distant relative of his famous near namesake. Hunter, who now serves as Project Manager, is a true Renaissance man — classics scholar and all-around man of letters, accomplished musician and world traveler — whose "extreme" erudition and expansive breadth of knowledge constantly amaze clients new and old. Together, Dan and Hunter have assembled a remarkable team of skilled writers and editors, proficient in a wide range of styles and subject areas.

ACI's original focus was international university faculty and graduate students. Thus, the name, "ACI" (Academic Consulting International).

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