For Consultants

As a professional consultant, you may already understand the value of having a book in your name. For establishing immediate credibility, as a promotional tool, a high-quality book with your name on the cover offers you the best bang for your buck.

That's why the most successful consultants, the ones at the very top of the pyramid — without exception — are all published (often self-published) authors of books.

If you do have a book, is it working as well as it could for you? If it's been out for a while, it may be apparent to you that an update or revision could improve your results. Or maybe you could benefit from having an additional, complementary, title.

A "perfect-fit" type of book is the very best way to:

  • Distinguish yourself from your competition
  • Drive qualified prospects to your door (or phone or Website)
  • Generate thousands of dollars in valuable, free publicity
You're not likely to be invited to appear on radio or television, for example, on the basis of a slick-looking business card or brochure or newsletter or even a fancy multi-media CD. Nor is it likely you'll be invited to speak to various groups, no matter how competent you are.

After you become the published author of a high-quality book, you take on a kind of expert status that establishes instant credibility and opens many new doors. Your income can skyrocket, virtually overnight.

But it will only benefit you this way if your book is (1) well-written, as well as professionally produced, (2) content-rich and (3) a perfect FIT with who you are and what you do.

For more than 20 years, we at ACI Editorial Services have been helping successful professionals achieve even greater success, as published authors, with books that are well-written, content-rich and a perfect fit with who they are and what they want to accomplish.

We can revise, edit or ghostwrite your book for you and then help you get it professionally produced. We can follow your directions and help you tell your story or convey the information you wish to convey, in a way that will get you the results you want. We can work with your notes, written or audio-recorded. You can be involved in the project to whatever degree you wish.

Every day you go without the strongest possible presentation-between-covers is a day that you are losing money, unnecessarily. Why not fully leverage your current activities, by getting your project in the works as soon as possible? Contact us today, for a free consultation. You'll be glad you did.

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