If you were to visit an upscale tailor in Paris or Rome, for the purpose of buying clothes, would the tailor attempt to sell you a mass-produced item off the rack, at a pre-set price? Of course not.

The tailor would recognize that you are, above all, quality conscious. You want a custom "solution" to your wardrobe needs. Superior presentation achieves superior results. You understand the value of investing in something of obvious quality. That's why you are there and not at K-Mart.

Similarly, ACI offers custom solutions to your editorial needs. Like a good tailor, we begin by LISTENING. We ask questions. We may show you samples.

We then offer options, based on your needs and personal situation, including your budgetary considerations. If a full-length book could only be commissioned at some time in the future, for example, we could begin with a more abbreviated version, which could later form the nucleus for a larger work.

If you leverage your new asset intelligently, your investment will pay for itself many times over. Would you like to turbo-charge your career and accelerate your professional development? If so, let's talk about how we can develop for you a tool that will propel you to a level of success that exceeds your wildest expectations. Contact us today, for a free consultation.

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